Take back your countertop space.

In the kitchen, space is always precious. That's why we designed Rackifier to create extra space in your kitchen. By relocating wet dishes and other items to just above the sink, an enormous area is instantly freed up. With so much extra room around the sink to prep food and work, it's a total game changer.

Keeps Your Kitchen Looking Neat and Dry

Wet dishes drain quickly and neatly right into the sink - no puddles or dishes laying around. Rackifier is easy to load and unload, and you can save even more time by just keeping often-used items stored right on the rack.

Create a Setup That's Perfect For You

Rackifier is super flexible - each section can be added, removed, and moved around to suit your needs. It's quick and easy, ensuring a perfect fit for any type of kitchen configuration.


Dish Rack

Bowl Rack

Utility Basket

Tool Hooks

Forks/Utensils Holder

Knife Holder

Cutting Board Holder

Sponge & Soap Holder

Built Tough - Stays Put

Rackifier is built with premium grade stainless steel, making it strong, durable, and able to stand the test of time. And thanks to suction cups built into the base, it stays secure - exactly where you want it.

Rust-Resistant and Easy To Clean

Easy maintenance is just as important as function - and we've got you covered. Rackifier's multi-layered construction is made to resist water spots, rust, and corrosion. All that's needed is a quick wipe down from time to time and you're good to go.

I never thought I would be so excited about a DISH RACK but this thing has been seriously life changing! Now I can actually prep food on the counter instead of the stove! It cleared so much room on my counter and all the water drains straight into the sink.

Mandy C.

I'm in a small home with very limited counter space and this piece is an absolute gem. I store my tableware in there so there's no de-racking phase to the whole operation. I just pop my wet dishes into the Rackifier and leave them there until I need them.

Chris W.

I picked up one of these Rackifier kitchen racks and love it so much. Especially for items like coffee mugs. They take like 10 seconds to clean and boom done. Love it. Also I put hooks on the underside of the rack to hang things. It looks super cool.

Lulu M.