Rackifier Setup

This page provides additional guidance to help get your Rackifier setup and ready to use.

Your Rackifier comes with assorted baskets and kitchen organizers. In addition, it includes the following parts which are used to assemble the overall base.

  • 2 frame bases
  • 2 frame bars (has slots)
  • 4 horizontal support bars
  • 2 short bars
  • Set of long screws & wide washers
  • Set of medium-length screws & washers
  • Set of short screws


Assembling The Sides

Use the set of long screws & wide washers to connect a frame base to a frame bar.

Do this once for each side - you will end up with 2 "L" shaped frames.


Assembling The Horizontal Support Bars

Insert 1 short bar between 2 horizontal support bars.

Ensure that the screw holes on the horizontal support bars are facing inward toward the short bar. Use the set of short screws in these screw holes.

Do this twice - you will end up with 2 long bars that can be length-adjusted.


Putting It All Together

Insert the long bars into the "L" shaped frames.

Use the set of medium-length screws & washers to secure the long bars to the frames.

The overall width of your Rackifier can be adjusted. Loosen the short screws, expand to your desired width, and tighten the short screws back.


Congratulations - you are now ready to hang the baskets/organizers and start enjoying your Rackifier!